Kansas City, Missouri – February 28, 2019: Card Compliant has extended its OptiEarnings technologies to support card issuers in advancing cash or revenue in prepaid card programs using permitted back-end fees.

Consumer regulations often delay the ability of prepaid card issuers to assess back-end fees against prepaid cards resulting in an economic disconnect between program revenues and expenses. The Card Compliant technologies permit card issuers to advance cash or revenue against forecasted future fees thereby protecting the consumers while restoring economic symmetry.

Prior releases of the company’s technology applied to advances of cash or revenue against future forecasted expiration dates in programs with permitted expiration dates. The new release extends the technology to future forecasted back-end fees.

About Card Compliant:

Card Compliant provides technology driven services along with artificial intelligent technologies to address regulatory, legal and accounting compliance challenges in high data business environments. For more information visit www.cardcompliant.com.