Gift cards are issued by varying types of issuers. Some retailers directly issue cards themselves. Some elect to use a wholly owned subsidiary, known as a GiftCo, to issue cards. Others may use an unaffiliated third party to issue the cards. Card Compliant offers services regarding all forms of gift card issuance.

Straight: For companies directly issuing their own gift cards, we provide our entire suite of services.

GiftCos: For companies using GiftCos, we provide management services for the GiftCo.

Banks: For companies desiring to use a bank to issue gift cards, Card Compliant offer services regarding the creation and management of bank issued programs.

CARDCOs: For companies desiring a CARDCO, CardCo Holding, Inc., an affiliate of Card Compliant, offers programs under which a CARDCO operated by Card Compliant will issue gift cards in the retail and restaurant sectors. As the card issuer, the CARDCO is responsible for key compliance tasks regarding income tax, consumer protection, anti-money laundering, unclaimed property and the like.