In the world of unclaimed property laws, the term “holder” is a term of art referring to the entity required to escheat. The term “property” refers to the item subject to escheat. With respect to payment instruments, the holder entity typically is the instrument issuer, card issuer or prepaid access provider. And the property is the gift card, promotional card, payroll card, and the like.

Card Compliant offers services to escheat holders to comply with unclaimed property laws. We also support revenue recognition related to non-escheated liabilities. Our services are supported by our propriety computer systems designed to address compliance with unclaimed property laws on a per item basis in the face of multiple jurisdictions and large volume items.

Holder Range: We support many types of holders: Banks – Financial Institutions – Business Associations – Retailers & Restaurants – Governmental Entities – GiftCos – Prepaid Access Providers – Card and Instrument Issuers – Payable Holders – Trade liability Holders – And More.

Property Range: We address many types of escheated properties: Digital & Virtual Codes – Gift Cards – Debit Cards – General Purpose Reloadable Cards – Rebates – Incentive & Promotional Cards – Affinity & Loyalty Cards – Payroll Cards – Government Benefit Cards – Merchandise Return Credits – Retail Credits – Bank Accounts – Traveler’s Checks – Money Orders – Trade Payables – Checks – Accounts – Tickets – Passes – Points – And More.