Gift cards are issued in international settings. They are issued by foreign companies in America. They are sold by U.S. companies abroad. They are issued by affiliates domiciled in multiple countries. And internet sales cross borders.

Card Compliant’s international services extend to these settings and have five components:

  • Our breakage management services extend our breakage forecasting, unclaimed property and revenue recognition services to foreign and cross-border situations.
  • Our consumer protection services include web-based terms and conditions that morph into applicable languages to provide the consumer with multi-lingo card backs, terms and conditions.
  • Our derecognition revenue services address multi-currency issues.
  • In appropriate situations, we engage in gift card issuance of international cards.
  • We have regulatory checklists for foreign countries providing pathways of inquiry for clients with their professionals regarding high level categories of applicable regulations or standards.

Our Foreign Range: Cards Issued by Foreign Companies – U.S. Cards Issued to Foreign Citizens – Intra-Country Programs – Cross-Border Programs – Cards Issued to Foreign Workers – Cards Issued to Foreign Travelers – Cards in Military Bases.

Our Special Features: Multiple Currencies – Multiple Languages – Morphing Language Cards – Cross Border Data – Cross Border Privacy – Geographic Breakage Rates – IFRS Standards.

Our Experience: Australia – Canada – Denmark – European Union – France – Germany – Hong Kong – Japan – Norway – South Korea – Sweden – United Kingdom – And Scaling.

Our Pathway Focus: Licensing Laws – Anti-Money Regulations – Consumer Protection Laws – Unclaimed Property Statutes – GAAP or IFRS Standards – Income Tax – Local Tax – Privacy Regimes – And More.