Card Compliant is a leading provider of escheat compliance services for prepaid card programs, payment instruments and other trade payables and credits. Our services are supported by our proprietary technology systems providing analytics and necessary metrics for compliance tasks including escheat reports filed with States and escheat due diligence notices.

Our proprietary technology systems use 56,000+ lines of source code to apply escheat laws on a per item basis to separate the items, or portions thereof, required to escheat from those which are not. Escheated portions are processed for state filings and due diligence notices with the system applying exclusions, exemptions, and deductions per card to retain non-escheated amounts. Non-escheat amounts are available for revenue recognition techniques.

Our Services: Escheat Analytics & Forecasts – Escheat Tracking – Escheat Reports for States – Escheat Due Diligence Notices – State Inquiry Support – State Audit Support – Required Record Keeping – Dollar Risk Analysis of Escheat Impacting Decisions – Audit Ready Cards – And More.

Escheat Laws Applied: First, Second & Third Priority Rules – State Custody Rules – Fifty States & Six Territorial Escheat Laws – Applicable Historical Versions of State Laws – Retroactive or Prospective Application of New Laws – Applicable CFPB Guidance – International Scalability – And More.

Compliance Variables Addressed: Holder Identity – Property Type – Loop Type – Impact of Personally Identifiable Information – Impacting Features Including Expiration Dates, Fees, & Cash Back – And More.

Special Features: Retriggered Escheat Periods upon Consumer Touches – Escheat Notice Exemptions – Escheat of Fraud Cards – Single Purse with Multiple Uses – Multiple Purses With Single Users – Morphing Cards – Name Changes – Forecasted Escheat Payments – Forecasted Due Diligence Notices.

Our Range: Gift Cards – Rebates – Incentive, Promotional & Loyalty Cards – Payroll Cards – Government Benefit Cards – Debit Cards – General Purpose Reloadable Cards – Bank Accounts – Checks – Accounts – Merchandise Return Credits – Retail Credits – Tickets – Coupons – Trade Payables and Liabilities – Escheatable Obligations – Non-Escheatable Obligations – And More.