Depending upon the business model, revenue is generated in a payment instrument program by several methods. It is produced as instruments are used. It also may be available when items are not used via methods including fees, expiration dates, float, and the derecognition accounting technique.

Revenue techniques are heavily regulated by Federal and State consumer protection laws and State unclaimed property statutes. They are controlled by accounting standards set by SEC Guidance, GAAP by FASB, and IFRS by IASB. They also are subject to tax specific regulations.

These rules negatively impact business models. They may ban or limit revenue techniques. They also may delay income resulting in a cash-flow timing disconnect between program income and operation costs.

Card Compliant offers services regarding management of revenue methods, including services regarding the compliant use of revenue techniques. We also process cash flow methods to realign the timing of program revenue with operation costs. These services are supported by our technology systems.

Our Range: We address Front-End Fees – Back-End Fees – Use Fees – Other Fees – Expiration Dates – Valid-Thru Dates – Float – Derecognition Revenue – Advancing Cash or Earnings against Future Fees – Advancing Cash or Earnings against Future Expiration Dates – And More.