Payment instruments are subject to regulation by consumer protection laws. In the United States, the federal government has enacted statutes; federal agencies have promulgated regulations; and State governments have consumer protection laws. Similar laws have been adopted abroad.

These consumer protection laws address a variety of subjects with commonly addressed subjects including fees, expiration dates, cash redemptions, and consumer disclosures in terms and conditions.

Card Compliant provides services regarding compliance with the consumer protection laws. Our services are supported by our proprietary technology systems including website hosted card terms and conditions and automated disclosure of terms in multiple languages if required.

Our Range: Federal Statutes – Federal Regulations – FTC – Federal Reserve – CFPB – State Statutes – State Regulatory Bodies – Specialty Laws – International Laws – And More

Our Experience: Fees – Expiration Dates – Valid Thru Dates – Cash Back Rules – Terms & Conditions – Consumer Disclosures – Website Disclosures – And More