Analytics are useful for business analysis and decisions. They also are required by standards for various operational and compliance tasks.

Substantial data underlies prepaid card and instrument programs. Card Compliant is uniquely situated to deliver analytics to its clients arising from such data. Our analytics services include:

  • Analytic dash boards for our compliance services for visibility on the specific subject
  • Analytics required by regulation or standards for completion of certain compliance tasks
  • Dollar impact of portfolio features and parameters including risks
  • Metrics for business analysis and decisions
  • Specialty forecasts integrated into clients’ general business forecasts
  • Custom analytics for clients
  • Benchmark capability on industry wide metrics.

Our Data Capabilities: Connected to Transaction Processors – Mapped to Transaction Processors – Large Data Pools – Small Data Sets – Combining Data – Splitting Data – Difficult Data – Software Code Writers – Data Specialists – Statistics Specialists – And More.

Our Experience: Portfolio Loads & Redemptions – Card Liabilities Subject to Redemption, Escheat, or Earnings – Breakage Amounts, Rates & Speeds – Breakage Influencers Impact – Forecasted Escheat Payments Including Present Value for Future Redemptions – Forecasted Escheat Due Diligence Notices Including Per Notice Type for Costing – Statistics Required for Derecognition Accounting Including Proportionate and Remote Methods – Load Speeds for Accounting in Heavy Load Programs – Portfolio Numbers for Income Tax – Breakage Earnings Per State for State Income Tax – Dollar Risk Exposure to Portfolio Decisions – Forecasts on Forecasts – Benchmark Capabilities – And More.