Breakage results in prepaid instrument programs as instruments become stale or abandoned, but it varies from program to program. Breakage forecasting is necessary, if not required, in managing programs. It reveals key metrics for business decisions, and proper forecasting may be required when applying accounting standards for producing breakage revenue via derecognition techniques.

Card Compliant is a leading provider of breakage forecasting services. Our services are supported by our proprietary technology systems designed to analyze program data to produce breakage metrics including metrics required for derecognition type techniques.

Our Range: Statistical Systems – OCC Regulated Programs – GAAP Standards – IFRS Standards – Predictability & Similarly Standards – Proportionate Technique Metrics – Remote Techniques Metrics – Unclaimed Property & Escheat – And More.

Our Experience: Breakage Amounts – Breakage Rates – Breakage Speed – Per Item Breakage – Moving Breakage – Breakage Influencers – Long Range Forecasting – Forecasting for New or Young Programs – Forecasting Future Escheat Payments – Forecasting Future Escheat Due Diligence Notices – Forecasting Impact of Escheat Decisions – Forecasting Future Derecognition Revenue – Forecasting Re Fees or Expiration Dates – Benchmarks – Forecasts on Forecasts – Custom Forecasts – And More.

Our Capabilities: Large Data Pools – Combining Data – Splitting Data – Difficult Data – Breakage by Card Type – Breakage by Denomination – Breakage by Geography – Breakage by Currency – Breakage by Month – Breakage by Distribution Channel – Breakage for Single Load Instruments – Breakage for Heavy Reloadable Cards – Single Breakage Curves – Stacked Breakage Curves – And More.